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Chris has been tattooing professionally for 27 years. He is currently beginning his first year of tattooing exploring various styles; Japanese back tattoo by mikerubendall.japaneseink Dave nailed it with the

It covers vast expanses of the body, if not the complete body, creating full bodysuit tattoos, backpiece tattoos, and sleeve tattoos. Katana tattoo has been offering quality work for over

Looking for the best japanese tattoo artists in ireland near you? Joe smith newport tattoo artist joe smith newport tattoo artist who tatt. Fudo Myoo by Kevin Marr at Resolution

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Hailin tattoo, the tattoo studio of master tatoo artist hailin fu located in hollywood, los angeles. Take a look at the gallery below to see 100 amazing japanese tattoos and

Japanese tattoo artists in melbourne. Traditional japanese style tattoo artist eli ferguson. Japanese Inspiration Inkstinct in 2020 Japanese tattoo Bold, elaborate and distinctive, this style has become hugely popular around